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We offer a wide range of power line communications products, which communicate over the already installed mains cabling in any home, office or building at speeds of 100Kbps. Our products allow you to network your equipment anywhere you have a normal power outlet. There are no additional wires required and unlike RF systems there are no worries about metal obstructions.

The Altcom products provide a fast and flexible way for you to integrate power-line communications into your equipment. In addition, you benefit from a reduced development time phase and our five years of experience in developing power-line communicators.

Offering unrivalled connectivity to speed performance, our systems are particularly suited to industrial environments. The technology has found applications in ship-refrigeration units, warehousing and Point of Sales (POS) systems among others.

Other application areas include:

  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • HVAC
  • Display systems
  • Alarm and surveillance systems
  • Local area networks and Internet access.
  • Remote access
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